Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why The Estimates were Off and Why I am Moving On.

I know my logic and attempt at math are hard to follow. So I will make a quick explanation why estimates by Trenberth are right but wrong.

The initial estimate for the greenhouse effect includes albedo due to clouds, that defines the frame of reference at the Top of the Atmosphere, but which top?

The tropopause gives one answer, the actual TOA where emissivity is =0.61 another, only the surface is consistent so it has to be used at the frame of reference to determine "Surface" warming, Thermodynamics 101, KISS, FRAME OF REFERENCE, ASSUME.

The "Effective" emissivity is a non-linear function of the atmosphere and the interaction with other flux. Solving for that is fun, explaining the obvious is not.

So I am moving on.

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