Sunday, October 9, 2011

Now, to Truly Prove I am a Whack Job

Note: I am updating this as questions are answered.

Dark Energy and the Speed of Light

The fact that emissivity, conductivity and convectivity, maybe a new term, all are impedance of thermal flux, the relationship I have been trying to prove, is a unified theory of thermal flux. I am sorry I may have pissed so many people off, but societal drop outs making a merger living as a fishing guide, doesn't get paid much attention in the scientific community. I perturbed the system to estimate DWLR and I perturbed the system to get heard.

No Comments? So some thermal flux are more special than others?
Is there a perfect media for Thermal Flux?
Would OLR not generate waste heat?, Conductive flow does, why not convective and radiant?

Do any of you guys remember a guy named Angstrom?

Would it not just be simplified relativistic heat conduction?

Explaining this simple solution is the most difficult part of the problem, If energy is conserved the work performed has to be conserved. The opposing pyramids represent the continuous energies, up, combined kinetic is converted to potential as Conductive and latent are converted to radiant. DWLR is radiant waste heat of the contentious battle against gravity.

Think about it, with no GHG The Poisson solution is the Dry adiabatic lapse rate. With water for latent only, the solution is the moist adiabatic lapse rate. With GHG, the solution is the GHG effect. The differences are purely due to the efficiency of energy conversion.

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