Monday, October 10, 2011

Dark Energy and our Not Accelerating Expanding Universe

Figuring out why is the fun in life. Things should make sense, except for women, of course, but the universe expanding just don't make much sense.

What appears to be happening is the speed of light is decreasing as dark matter in the universe increases. So what does that mean?

In the Stefan-Boltzman equation there are two constants,5.67e-8 and ~0.926, emissivity. But is that emissivity for a black body space or both? I am thinking both. Since the emissivity of water is ~0.995 and the constant in the S-B equation is 0.926, my first guess would be that the emissivity of the most perfect black body that could exist in nature is approximately that of water. That means that the emissivity of space could be 0.069. Why would that not be zero? Dark matter.

Hum? If the emissivity of space is not perfectly zero, what happens to light passing through space? It interacts with space creating dark energy. Every one knows that there are tiny traces of hydrogen floating around in space. When light interacts with hydrogen, maybe one photon in billions and billions impacts the hydrogen molecule perfectly dead center, the photon, which is also has a mass of 1/billions and billions, creates a different form of energy and that transition is subject to entropy. No energy flow ever gets a free ride because of entropy, not even light.

How would increasing dark energy collapsing into dark matter change our perception of light? My guess is that the speed of light would appear to change. Perhaps the speed of light does change. I'll look into that in the future.

But since no energy ever gets a free ride, the equation makes perfectly good sense to me. What is the temperature of space again? Perhaps it may be worthy of a little closer inspection?

Update: One commenter thinks I am whacked. That is true. But if the expansion of the universe appears to be accelerating, that is kinda thought provoking. Since there a few real constants, why should light be or our perception of light be constant?


Anonymous said...

Cherchez les microwaves. If collapse, it will be undetectable. Poof the Magic Drag In.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are whack. Hit the books.

Dallas said...

"Dude you are Whack." That is entirely possible :)

There is no magic, only physics. Space has an emissivity. Something happens, how would you describe it?

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