Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Science as a Contact Sport

What happened to the good old days of science? Well they are back! Full contact in your face science!

Consensus science is powder puff football. Dumbing down so no scientist is left behind. Real science is Australian rules football! Get your nose bloody, take your licks and try to give back better.

Today's scientist mistake the subtlety of the centuries old confrontations. When Angstrom told Arrhenius he was wrong, "Sorry, old boy. You appear to have miscalculated." In today's terms that is equivalent to, "You twit! What planet are you from! Heh, Auburn grad!"

You think a ponderer of his destiny as a member of the master race would take that lying down? No! If he had got the goods on Angstrom he would have been right dead in is face with, "Perhaps you should review your experiment again." Instead, Arrhenius sulked for a decade before grudgingly conceding, "Yes, warming would not be as much." The media was all over Svante "Arrhenius admits error, but does not provide his results!" It was years later before he cried uncle with, "1.6 (2.3) with water vapor."

That's the problem with these master race wimps. Arrhenius should have grown a pair and lashed back at Knut, "I may be off, but so are you!" A classic scientific feign to restore some honor. Then science would have advanced.

That is how it is supposed to work, in your face science! Like Dessler and Spencer. Get dirty and kick some data!


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Brian H said...

So, how often have you said to your opponents/detractors, "Not even wrong!"??


Dallas said...

LOL Remember Brain Brawl? :)

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