Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have been scoring high on the crackpot index. Hey, why quit when you are ahead. Right?

In the equation, dF/dT=4(aFc+bFl+eFr)/T there is one thing missing fFf, the feedback function.

Since, a,b and e are coefficients related to their respective flux, f=(a+b+e)*function(a+b+c)/T, All the coefficients are variables so determining f will be tons of fun. However, the linear relationship of the three primary fluxes to temperature simplifies estimation of f. Once the form of f is found for a discrete range, it is simple to iterate a reasonable value for small ranges. Neat huh?


Since I still don't have any mathematicians interested, perhaps I need a few theoretical physicists. The problem is that while the form of the equation is correct, e is a function of atmospheric emissivity which is a function of bFl and Fr is a function of temperature. eFr is a very complex function, that for one moment in time = 83, where T=288 and e=0.825, the form of e approaches 1 and the change in 4F/T approaches 1.21, other than that, the solution is simple :)

In case it is not obvious, fFf can be written as a sum of feedback parameters to include albedo and lapse rate, which are not linear functions of T.

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