Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Orphan Photons? Are They Dark Energy?

Pondering is much more fun than calculating. The acceleration of our expanding universe is one of those things that only comes around once in a few lifetimes. The perfect thing for a guy with too much time on his hands to ponder.

When a photon with sufficient energy scores a bulls eye on an unsuspecting molecule something happens. In a CO2 laser, energetic photons are bashed into unsuspecting nitrogen molecules to amplify the light. Light amplified through stimulated emission of radiation, LASER. Lasers are cool!

But in the LASER, that energetic photon can find a new ride. Out in space, hitch hikers need a real big thumb. If the energized photon is released by the bulls eye and can't find a dance partner, it may just sulk around a while and just give up. That is until another photon scores a bulls eye on the wall flower decayed photon. Talk about a small chance in hell, but what the hey, the universe has plenty of time.

If the little piece of dark matter keeps getting in the way of those photons, before you know it, it can be somebody. Maybe even an electron, which still a long way from a proton, but getting closer.

Electrons are clingy little rascals. While they may prefer a fat proton for a dance partner, they know the other side of the aisle. Yep, that's right, they are into the dark side.

As electrons, the perverts can get together a lot easier. If they happen to hit just the right mass with just the right dance partner, you could have a hydrogen molecule. If they pass up on becoming a fat broad, they can hit another perfect atomic mass. Seems like every thing in nature is about hitting the lotto, the right number at the right time.

Once you gain so much mass, it is hard getting a date, just ask any fat guy. Then it gets too hard to give up the dark side and back into the light. Big enough groups of fat guys can generate a little gravitational anomaly. Gravitational anomalies are real clingy. If you ain't careful, they can black hole ya! You don't want to get black holed, it ain't pretty.

So since a black hole is supposed to have infinite mass, how can there be more than one black hole? I guess everything is relative, even infinity. Bet that plays hell with a constant straight guy like the speed of light. Kinda makes multi-verse a little more acceptable as a theory.

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