Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time to get Back to the Fun Stuff!

Now that the Fukushima situation is almost over but the clean up, I should be able to get back to pondering our energy future. There was more radiation leakage than I initially thought, but the forty year old design still hung in there. Even some stanch anti-nuclear folks are re-thinking their views. How the heck could that old, tired nuke plant facility not Melt down? News flash, three of them did. At Three Mile Island the core was 50% melted, that is fuel, and the molten fuel burned less than an inch into about 4 inches of steel at the bottom of the pressure vessel. Even the old bottom control rod design doesn't make it easy for a China Syndrome moment. Newer designs of the same plant have more safety features and they are being replaced by newer, better designs.

The whole incident has taught a lot of people a lot of lessons. Hopefully, some of the main stream media stayed awake in class. There are real issues that need to be addressed with spent fuel storage. Maybe now the congress will get off their butts and let some fuel reprocessing get started. The nuclear industry is doing a good job despite the idiots they have to deal with. Nuclear boy didn't poo.

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