Friday, March 25, 2011

It is all in the Sales Pitch

Getting warm and fuzzy folks to even think about any energy efficient solutions using coal in any form is like getting a 5 year old to eat broccoli. Spinach is easier because you can dig out old Popeye cartoons for the sales pitch. Biomass is like spinach, easy sell.

The Green Car Congress is about as warm and fuzzy as you can get. They like this idea, because it uses "Bio Mass". FutureGen, the prototype coal plant of the future, is broccoli,Blah! If you add 15% to 25% bio mass to FutureGen, that is like covering the broccoli with cheese and bacon bits.

Why you have to play games with the warm and fuzzies is something I am beginning to understand. Actual thinking about real world issues is too far removed from the abstract Utopian vision they share. Compromise is taboo. Why else would activists fall for the Di-Hydrogen Mono-oxide skit? They definitely did not show effective reasoning skills. So we have to sugar coat or cover things with cheese and bacon bits to get them to taste reality.

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