Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Hydrogen Economy and Synfuels

"Implementing our "Hydrogen Economy" with Synfuels" is an interesting paper. I have not discussed this because I am biased to fuel cell vehicles. Still we have a butt load of internal combustion engines and gas turbines that would go to waste if some liquid fuel is not available. If I were king, I would phase out IC engines, but gear heads would have my head on a platter.

Using coal to produce synthetic fuels has been around for a long time. FutureGen is a prototype coal project intended to maximize the efficiency of coal combining carbon capture and sequestering. Sequestering carbon is not cheap. All those nasty carbon atoms need a useful purpose in life. Augmenting synfuel production with hydrogen from a clean or "green" source gives those poor misunderstood carbon atoms a purpose.

Of course, this "Carbon Recycling" concept is lost on the warm and fuzzy crowd bearing torches and pitch forks. Read the paper. Later we will discuss possibilities. BTW, you can leave comments, you can even call me an idiot if you like. I have a thick skin so I won't cry too long.

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