Thursday, April 21, 2011

It is Time to Pull the Trigger on Synfuels!

The economy sucks. Gas prices are insane. Employment has lots of room to rebound. Despite all the less than ideal timing, it is time to start building Synfuel plants.

Waffling environmentalists have proven one thing, they can't lead. Leadership requires action after thought, not just more thought. Like it or not, Synfuels are not only a potentially cleaner option for transportation fuels, they are a political message. If we start building synfuel plants, the oil producing world WILL take notice.

Synfuel plants can be fine tuned with hydrogen enrichment, co-generation and biomass (trash) feed stocks to provide high quality fuels with a smaller carbon foot print and a competitive price. Yes, that's right, a competitive price. The target price per gallon of synfuel is $2.31 a gallon. We have past that with flying colors. Allow fifty percent for overly optimistic estimation and ridiculously over regulation by the "Greens", you still have $3.50 a gallon. There will of course be an oil price drop with any significant Synfuel production, but do you really think that oil prices and construction prices won't go back up again? Planning ahead saves money in the long run. Synfuel processes have been proven and work. Unlike the energies of the future that are still in the future, Synfuels can send a message now.

That is the end of my rant for the day.

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