Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Solar Cycle Stuff

I am posting this more to see how to post this kind of stuff than anything else. It is neat though. It is a magnetic image of the formation of some sun spots. Huge arches of magnetic fields form over the sun spots that look look pretty much like freckles on the sun. With the magnetic imagery and a little imagination you can see the amazing turmoil happening in each of those little freckles which are much bigger than the size of Earth.

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For the past few years the sun has been pretty boring. Now that it is coming out of its quiet time, more activity will be visible, though this cycle is not expected to be very active. If you have a kid of your own or want to rent one, you can make a pin hole camera to view the sun spots the way they were viewed hundreds of years ago. Then bust out the computer to show the neat stuff we can see in today's world. Try not to act too nerdy though, it can freak the kids out.

Here one that uses a little graphics to help those with no imagination.

I will add some more links later if I get around to it.

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