Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dr. Richard Muller on Climate and Energy

This is a video that everyone wondering about climate change and energy options should watch. Note, Dr. Muller disagrees with my vision of hydrogen in our energy future. My vision is based on co-generation and off peak hydrogen production. Fuel cells also can run on natural gas. So hydrogen is still a part of the overall picture, how big a role depends on Economic and political decisions.

You may wish to visit Dr. Judith Curry's blog where she discusses the "Hide the Decline" issue.

UPDATE: This has resulted in a major cat fight! Instead of debating the issue, more allegations of misconduct are tossed about. Ignoring or down playing inconvenient evidence is a major problem in climate science. Another problem is lack of statistical oversight. While neither of these issues may change the results. They do impact the trust between the scientific community and the general population. Hopefully, the Berkley project will provide non-partisan results that bring things back to the right track. Don't count on the Berkley Project being well received by the consensus.

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